Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jeffree Star, My Current Obsession

The first time I laid eyes on a photo of Jeffree Star I was immediately drawn to his hair.  The pinkness of it all gave me liiife!  Anyone who knows me knows I adore all things pink.  Pink and lipstick.  I love lipstick.  So then this dude goes and creates this incredible cosmetics line using pink packaging starting with vegan, paraben-free Velour Liquid Lipstick (available now) and all sorts of equally amazing goodies in the works.  How, pray tell, am I not supposed to be in love?  Here's what Jeffree has up his sleeve in the very near future...

Coming up in just a few weeks we can look forward to the perfect prep for liquid lipstick in a line of edible vegan Velour Lip Scrubs in yummy flavors like Strawberry Gum, Spearmint, Mojito and (my favorite) Root Beer.  $12 will get you 1oz  and are slated to drop at the end of this month. 

To make your holidaze even more merry and bright, Jeffree is blinging out two of his most popular colors, Unicorn Blood (dark, rusty red) and Celebrity Skin (soft brown).  These limited edition beauties will run you $100 which is not cheap but keep in mind they are being encrusted by hand by the fabulous West Coast Crystals (BURBANK REPRESENT!).  I don't own Unicorn Blood but I love the color and I'm thinking now would be the perfect time to get it.  They'll be available next month which is, coincidentally, my birthday month.  (I hope my husband is reading this!)  

And finally Lip Ammunition!  I'm stoke about this collection but Jeffree is going to make us wait until Spring 2016 (boo!).  It's okay.  That pink glitter bullet alone is well worth it!  According to their Instagram, the lippies smell like ice cream!  They've combined three of my favorite things into one pretty little package: pink (duh), glitter, and ice cream.  Shut up and take my money.  No I wasn't paid or given anything free.  I'm just obsessed.  You're not?


  1. The packaging is amazing! Gosh I need to get more into makeup so I can buy stuff like this!