Thursday, October 15, 2015

Discontinued Products (A Rant)

Sometimes you discover a product that is so amazing it practically changes your life.  It replaces all others that came before it and you never look back.  You tell your friends about it.  You blog about it.  You won't shut up about it!  Then one day you reach for your tried and true on the shelf where you know it to be and it's not there. Did they move it?  No.  So it must be out of stock, right?  Probably shouldn't have told so many people about it.  Sheesh.  You ask a sales associate when they'll be getting more and that's when they drop the news (all slow motion-like): It'sss beeeeen diiiisconnnntinnnuuued..."   Noooooo!!

There's nothing sadder than falling completely in love with a product only to have it discontinued by the manufacturer without warning.  No chance of stocking up on a lifetime supply.  It's just gone without explanation like the worst kind of break up.  This happened to me with two of Carol's Daughter products.  Their Macadamia Hold and Control Smoother was the first thing I noticed to go missing.  That stuff had an invisible hold like none other with, like, zero residue.  Ever.  Then I had a hard time finding their paraben and sulfate free Rosemary Mint Clarifying Conditioner which was devastating to my wash and go routine.  It had slippage that was just unreal.  It was only thing that would detangle my week-old curls without me leaving a half-pound hair clump behind me in the shower. 
Again, like in a bad break up, I did sad dumpee things like email the company's customer service department asking whyyyyy?  Will it ever come back?  No, honey.  It's gone.  Like, GONE gone.  So I had no choice but to look for other products.  I've been using Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control and it's okay but it's not the same.  Yes, it's still paraben (and silicone free) and it tames the frizzy flyaways, but it doesn't slick down my edges and make them hold on for dear life like its predecessor.  And, of course, there are lots of conditioners that claim to detangle but clearly they haven't met my hair because they, too, miss the mark.  The good news is I found two bottles when I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinets.  That's should hold me over for a few months.  But then what??
Maybe I'm just spoiled but I want what I want and what I want is what I had.  I'm still holding onto the hope that they'll realize they made a mistake in discontinuing these beloved products and bring them back like Herbal Essences did, even if it was years after the fact.  I'm patient (no, I'm not). 

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