Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mix Pups Play Date!

Recently, my daughter and I had the awesome opportunity to host a Mix Pups play date thanks to Mommy Parties. They sent over a nice size box of these adorable miniature pose able puppies. My daughter couldn't wait to get her hands on them, but wait she did...

We invited over several of her girlfriends from her second grade classroom to share the Mix Pups with. The girls were gaga over them! They were perfectly age-appropriate (4-7) and cute as can be. We served up "Pup Cakes" (cupcakes) that the girls got to decorate themselves, and played "Pup, Pup, Goose!" Everyone went home with their very own Mix Pups and a new addition to their Christmas lists, no doubt.

So, What's a Mix Pup?
The hottest new collectible will have girls barking with delight as they customize their Mix Pups by mixing and matching their detachable front and back legs, designer hair style pieces and clothing. To add to the fun and unique creation, girls can dress up their designer pups with fashionable accessories
for a perfect finishing touch. Multiple points of articulation enable girls to pose their pups in twenty different mix ‘n’ match combinations. And to extend the pup-play experience, girls can go online to the Mix Pups website — www.mymixpups.com — for interactive fun and games and opportunities to share fun videos of their own “Best of Show” puppies.
The new
Mix Pups™ collection features sixteen individual collector puppies, including Roxy the Chihuahua, Annie the Bulldog, Lucy the Dalmatian, Chloe the White Poodle, Sophie the Silver Yorkie, Maddie the Dachshund, Sandy the Retriever, Amy the Boston Terrier, Molly the Cavalier, Daisy the White Terrier, CoCo the Chocolate Labrador, Shelby the Husky, Bailey the Beagle, Zoey the Pink Poodle, Sallie the Pink Pooch, and Susie the Gold Yorkie.

Where to Buy?
Mix Pups start at just $4.99 and are available at Toys R Us now!

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  1. Those look really cute! I will have to get my daughter some for Xmas. Thanks for the tip Aubrey... I have never heard of them before now! : )
    PS: Great Blog!