Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing it Safe in the Sun

Summer isn't over yet, so that means a lot more fun in the sun! My family and I have been busy with beach days, festivals, amusement parks, community events- you name it. If it's outdoors, we're there. While most events are meticulously planned out by your's truely, there are a few unscheduled activities, but I am always prepared!

I was thrilled when California Baby sent over their SPF 30 Everyday/Year-Round Sunblock Stick for me to try. I immediately threw it in my purse for impromptu sun protection needs and it has come in handy on a number of occasions since. Supermom, I am!

The eco-friendly, non-chemical sunblock certainly fits my "convenience without compromise" lifestyle. I wish I could say that it was completely mess-free application due to the stick form, but in my experience, I have found that some spreading with fingers after application is required to get the most out of it (the stick is pretty solid). But it's far less messy than the cream sunblocks I had been using, so no biggie. The only other minor drawback is that it leaves a bluish-white tint on the kiddos, but they seem to get a kick out of it and I know if I've missed a spot.

Overall, I would say that the California Baby SPF 30 Everyday/Year-Round Sunblock Stick is a keeper for touch-ups when you're out and about and/or for coverage in emergenct situations. It is available (along with some other really great natural sun and skincare products for baby) at California Baby.

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