Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spud! Home Delivery

There never seem to be enough hours in a day. Most days I get off work, fight L.A. traffic to pick up the kids (each in a different location), stop by the mail box, get gas and then go to the grocery store before heading home to cook, help with homework, do my own, etc. Suffice it to say my days are hectic and I know I'm not alone. Boy, was I happy to find Spud!, a service that conveniently delivers fresh, organic produce and much more right to my front door.

Spud! allowed me to try their service recently in exchange for a review. Frankly, I already liked the concept because it helps make life easier without sacrificing healthy eating standards I've set for my family. What I was happy to find was that many of the brands and products I buy in my local grocery store, like Amy's Kitchen, were available on their website. Overall, the selection is pretty broad. They offer frozen foods, meat, dairy, produce, snacks, desserts and even household cleaning items. Products on Spud! are "local, organic, minimally packaged and eco-friendly" products at prices comparable to that of your neighborhood market. Because they deliver to each route once per week, the service makes a reduced impact on the climate change.

So that you good people can try their services, Spud! has generously offered PGC readers an exclusive coupon code! Use code PinkGreen at check out to receive $25 off of your first 4 orders* through January 31, 2010. It's easy to place an order. Shop online, pay with a credit card and your order with arrive in a reusable bin within one week. Enjoy and let us know what you think!
*Shoppers will receive $5 off their first 3 orders and $10 off of their 4th. Minimum order of $25 per order to receive discount.

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